Anton Valkov

"The quality of the conversation defines the quality of results"

Anton‘s Journey

Anton is an activist, entrepreneur and facilitator who cares about meaningful conversations that lead to sustainable solutions. He has diverse international experience in the youth sector, as business consultant and freelance trainer and host. One of the callers of the Art of Hosting community in Bulgaria, he is part of projects focused on bringing more meaning in the way organisations work. In his home town Plovdiv he is part of the team of Otsreshta - a cafe and space for sustainability and design events. Anton holds BA in Accounting and MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.

Anton‘s Practices

"We always use #checkin to start our meetings and it helps us connect on the human level and be more efficient and focused. #IterativePlanning gave us opportunity to start working on what we dream about without spending too much resources and time and we learn so much in the process. Using #sharedeconomy in our events not only allowed variety of participants to join but also provoked intriguing conversations about money and how we relate to it."

Anton‘s Featured Projects


Otsreshta cafe - space for design, sustainability and events in Plovdiv

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