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The start of my entrepreneurial journey was back in 2005, when I first heard of the concept of “socio-entrepreneurship” – at that time, this entrepreneurial approach had much news coverage as Mohammed Yunus got the Nobel Peace prize for his pioneering work in microfinance. Thus had I this “philosophical” inspiration when I started studying business, and later joined a raw material trading company building “responsible food supply-chains”. From that time, I got the conviction that business was the most effective way to have a systemic impact. Food business was only the start of an exploration. I had to learn everything – taking appropriate academic trainings and gaining practical experience. First move was moving to Sweden, where I could discover cutting-edge solutions and approach for sustainable development. I offered my services as business developer for cleantech companies – and soon realised that technological innovation is nothing for a market that is not constrained to change. Moving back to my home-city of Lille, in a region at the heart of Europe with a “Third Industrial Revolution” strategy, I think I am at the right place to develop my activity as Sustainability consultant – while still open to new business and often traveling to Africa (Algeria and Guinea). There is a pressing need to facilitate change everywhere, and my partners and I keep exploring how to respond societal needs by combining ICT and social technologies – through pragmatic business.

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