Melinda Varfi

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”

Melinda‘s Journey

Melinda brings experiences gained through working for a telecom startup, building a business academy at a consulting firm and coordinating the Pioneers into Practice Program at Climate KIC Hungary. She has co­founded Impact Hub Budapest, a global community­based coworking office. She is actively involved in cutting edge projects exploring change management in organisations, resilience for communities, and entrepreneurship in a new paradigm.

Melinda‘s Practices

#theoryu - a method that helps us make informed decisions and potential solutions with a clear state of mind #loomio - the best way to make participatory decisions when a team is not sharing the same physical space #participatoryprocesses (AoH) - the only way we can make decisions in a way that we represent all the voices in the room #mindfulness - the necessary practice to quiet our mind and bring our whole attention to the conversation

Melinda‘s Featured Projects

Impact HUB Budapest -

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