Mercè Rua

No hay nada más hermoso que lo rústico, quiero emplear lo que la naturaleza da y como de ella nace -- Violeta Parra

Mercè‘s Journey

Mercè is a Design researcher and strategist that works with organisations and institutions in helping them get qualitative, “human-centred” users' data as well as develop new solutions (services, experiences, products, etc.) aligned with the users’ needs, desires and behaviours. She facilitates co-creation and innovation workshops using a unique blend of design thinking, improvisation and art of hosting. Ultimately, her drive is helping people develop the skills needed to adapt and create systemic changes together. She is part of HOLON where she is currently working with UNEP to develop a user-centered Eco-innovation resource for SMEs in developing countries. She also collaborates with OuiShare and Ideas for Change and is involved with different change-makers' initiatives such as POC21, OSCEdays and EEP.

Mercè‘s Practices

#googledrive - Working with a group in different locations and time zones can be very difficult. Google Drive tools allow teams to collaborate and work in real time in the same document. #whowhatwhen - Meetings are useful when allow the group to move forward. To do it, helps to define the next actions, the owners of the task and a loose o defined time frame. #reframe - There are many ways to look and understand a situation. When stuck or blocked reframing opens new perspectives and space to leverage. Example: Perceived problem- our goal is unachievable. Reframed problem - we don't have our goal broken into realistic steps.

Mercè‘s Featured Projects

UNEP Eco-innovation Manual

POC Works: POCWorks is an ethnographic exercise conducted during the summer of 2015 during the eco-hacker camp POC21. My goal was to capture with my eyes and my camera everything that makes collaboration thrive, and this blog wants to show what I saw.

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