Michaela Hogenboom

Michaela Hogenboom

"be the change you wish to see in the wold" Mahatma Gandhi

Michaela‘s Journey

Michaela's mission is to contribute to a connected and sustainable society. She is Co-Founder and president of Symbiose, a Liechtenstein-based NGO that helps achieving her vision through projects and by offering a platform for local sustainability initiatives. Moreover, she works with Elias, her husband on a self-employed basis as process facilitators for sustainability. Next to that, she is Part-Time project manager at CIPRA International and Full-Time mother of Sola. While still completing her bechalor in Human Resource and Quality Management in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she took a deep dive in sustainability work, juggling exciting jobs simultaneously: youth representative sustainable development and climate change to the UN combined with an internship at Enviu and later with a function as process coordinator sustainable development at the HAN University of Applied science. In 2010 she co-founded an international NGO called "Rio+twenties" that helped youth to get active at the UN Rio+20 Summit. Three years down her career path, she wanted a break and enrolled for the master programme strategic leadership towards sustainability in Karskrona, Sweden, where she met her husband. Thanks to him, her new journey includes much more time in nature, growing her own vegetables and doing outdoor sports.

Michaela‘s Practices

are developed during one or several #wisdom walks. Afterwards the ideas are tested informally during our regular #jour fixes or just, while chatting with people on a party. Only after the idea is fine-tuned a bit already, it I usually get the best ideas when I #go outside and cycle through the landscape, commuting back and forth. Then the idea is brought up during our monthly meeting. We start with a check-in and an update round and dive into several topics. When it is decision time, we use the method of #basic democracy to get all concerns on the table and find the best solution for all. Then we brainstorm with whom to #partner up. Doing projects together is always better. We close the meeting with a #check-out and we are ready to start implementing the idea. Based on a #piloting phase, we gain experience in how to do it even better. Regular #evaluations support this process. When a project is up and running, it is time to decide to keep doing it ourselves or making it an independent initiative. That are some methods that we use to foster a connected and sustainable society with our organisation.

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Michaela Hogenboom