Mischa Altmann

I dont need to know what you know. Rather, I need access to your knowledge!

Mischa‘s Journey

I call myself a recovering technocrat. I can by geeky and I did study electronic engineering. Soon, however, I realised that technology often doesn't put the human in the centre. I left the - fantstic! - engineering consultancy Arup (London, UK) and joined a zero-carbon micro-house startup in Oxford, UK. When this failed, I returned to Austria hoping to join the sustainable buildings industry. Instead, I moved to Sweden by train & bike to do an incredible Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS), which turned my whole world up-side-down. Following gut instinct I ended up in Sri Lanka and then Bangalore & Chennai but ultimately returned to Vienna, Austria to re-grow my original roots. Today, I follow three main passions: (1) sustainability, (2) community builiding & (3) india. Currently I am going through a challenging personal transformation questioning just about everything I have ever learned (1) in formal education, (2) about relationships, (3) and my body. Come, let's connect 🙂

Mischa‘s Practices

When the conversation get's tough and our energy is going down, I suggest going #outside to get some perspective. When you feel stuck in an inquiry, I like to play #The "Yes And" Game to get our minds racing again and often bring in humour. I need a little bit of structure when planning and my preferred planning tool is the #ABCD from the framework of strategic sustainable development (FSSD). Creativity is spurred by (some) restriction and playing #ping pong Q&A game has helped me wade through some deeper waters.

Mischa‘s Featured Projects

Sustainability@BoardLevel - kick-ass workshops and consulting for you as board member to build a solid business case for sustainability for your organisation based on rigorous science, managing risk, wisdom of nature and solid case studies. - boardlevel-sustainability.com - mischa@boardlevel-sustainability.com

Wiener Salon für Wandel - a monthly salon evening based on participatory facilitation methods of The Art of Hosting bringing together change makers and wanters to offer inspiration and strenthen their ideas - wienersalon.com - willkommen@wienersalon.com

Graphic Facilitation Vienna - move from text to visuals to communicate more effectively and create strong memory hooks. - resonanz-austria.org

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