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Elias Kindle

There is no good or bad. There is just different perspectives.

Elias‘s Journey

Born and grown up in Liechtenstein. Did an apprenticeship in a bank for for years as an IT-Supporter. Played football. Started studying Environmental Engineer, did quite some different sports like floor hockey, badminton, football, climbing, slacklinging. After that going to Sweden for the Masters progamme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, met my wife, started bouldering, and learned a lot about being free again and following the heart. Started a non profit organisation called Symbiose Liechtenstein and got a child. Still being really active with climbing and hiking as well as fostering a connected and sustainable society.

Elias‘s Practices

Follow my passion: find out what is truly important for me and trust that something good will come out of it. Connect and share: Connect with a lot of people and talk about the good things I do and share my ideas with others (rather than keeping it for me). The systemic consensus principle: find the best solution for the whole group.

Elias‘s Featured Projects was set up to foster a connected and sustainable society in the Rhine Valley. We bring people together to dream about the future, see what is already happening and start new projects. delivers your personal Christmas greetings to your customers and partners or to family and friends via email as a substitute for Christmas Cards. Each e-mail includes a voucher, which can be redeemed against a nonprofit project with three clicks.

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Christina Boldero

Grow where you are planted.

Christina‘s Journey

Christina has experience working with international and local conservation organisations and as co-founder of a foundation supporting sustainability initiatives at a neighbourhood level. She currently works for a start-up company focused on transparency in the local food system between producers and consumers. She also spends time on the beach, on her bike or taking photographs.

Christina‘s Practices

The art of #storytelling, in a group where that feels appropriate, can add colour and depth to everyone’s understanding of each other, and complement and positively reinforce the working dynamic. A #help session/case clinic, as a relaxed, semi-structured discussion attended at-will, has brought ideas and feedback for a single question that may never have come out of a larger, more structured meeting. If you do the hard work, put in the time, see an idea through to the end and then don’t #celebrate success, you skip a part of the process that is as important as everything that went before it.

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