Thaela Stolz

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. - by Helen Keller

Thaela‘s Journey

Thaela was born in August 1986 and was raised in Wiesbaden – a city in central Germany that she is still calling her home. She lived together with her parents and brother. From early one she was very interested in the current business system and was related to economics and business studies. Therefore she decided to study International Business Administration at the University in her home town. During her studies she spent a semester abroad in Puebla, Mexico as well as in Singapore where she did an internship with Siemens. After getting an understanding of economic aspects and interrelations, she felt like missing an important perspective on the business system. She decided to do the masters programe in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Karlskrona, Sweden in 2012 in order to get a better and more holistic world view. The learnings from the studies in Sweden opened up many new perspectives to her and it was a life changing experience. Thaela is currently working for an event organizing agency and is involved in several voluntary projects on green city design, participatory processes with citizens of her home town, intercultural exchange and others. Thaela loves nature and being in contact with animals. She spends a lot of time outside with her dog during long walks through the forest. She feels a strong connection with nature and is also very interested in natural healing methods. Thaela is currently undergoing training in non-medical alternative healing methods.

Thaela‘s Practices

As for one of the projects I am involved in, we are a big group of people where most of the team members only come together to work on this specific project, we use #regular meetings to keep us updated, keep us in the loop, keep as tuned to the project, to keep the connection between us as a group and to keep motivation high. For all meetings we use a #check ins when everyone is in the room in order to get the group´s minds together and to connect with each other. I love using #wisdom walks in order to get a free mind, have open conversations and find inspiration while walking through lovely landscapes. In the morning I write #morning pages to free my mind in the morning and to keep thoughts that unconsciously come during the night.

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